Did you know there is a faster & accurate way of updating records in MS Excel?

Accurate Record Updating

The process of accurately updating records in an ever-dynamic environment is a real game-changer in achieving work efficiency. However, the manner in which you carry out this task determines the level of accuracy and preciseness in the final output. It should be in such a way that data completeness and integrity is maintained. MS Excel CTRL & SHIFT & + shortcut provides a quick and reliable way of inserting new attributes in between existing data. The shortcut involves only two steps making it faster than the long method of right-clicking and selecting Insert. The interesting thing with MS Excel is the fact that its keyboard shortcuts minimize the alteration of previously stored data thus ensuring efficiency and reliability. Below is a practical case;

Practical Case

Consider a Beverage Firm that is being affected by the following macroeconomic factors; price-wars from competing firms in the same industry and imposition of taxation of 16 % to the products they manufacture. With the aim of achieving a differential advantage, the management decides to discount their products by a certain percentage for specific products. Assuming the firm initially had seven attributes as shown below.

Before computing the Sales_Per_Unit, other attributes need to be added. The new attributes should include Discount_Per_Unit, Unit_Tax, and Net_Income_Per_Unit. It is for the purpose of accommodating the discount and taxation amount on each beverage product.

1. Procedure in MS Excel

First, highlight the Sales_Per_Unit column at the top (where letter G is).

2. To add a new column, press Ctrl, Shift and + simultaneously.

3. A new column to the left of Sales_Per_Unit will be created. While on column G press Ctrl, Shift and + once again to create another new column.

4. Just below G and H type Discount_Per_Unit and Unit_Tax respectively.

5. On column J repeat step number 2 twice then below column J type Net_Income_Per_Unit.

It is crystal clear, especially in step 5, that this excel shortcut can create as many new columns as possible to accommodate new attributes emerging from day-to-day business operations. It is a quick Microsoft Excel handy skill that any analyst should possess thus guaranteeing reliability and high work productivity. There are many quick handy shortcuts, tips and tricks in excel that can save you a lot of time while observing the integrity of your data. Advanced Microsoft Excel training is an upcoming program that works towards equipping different participants in data modelling using these quick handy skills. Please purpose to attend the training to increase your workplace productivity.


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