Personal Scorecard Template (Basic Version)


Appraise your employees with a structured easy-to use Excel Template and bring objectivity into the performance process.

Total price:
KShs 30,000.00

Product Brief

The Personal Scorecard Template (Basic Version) is an Excel Based performance evaluation template that has the following basic features:

  1. Personal and Organizational Details
  2. Personal Key Performance Indicators cascaded to an employee with their targets
  3. Personal development planning

Customized PREMIUM Template Versions:

The basic version can be customized further with premium features which includes:

  1. Cascading Automation: Auto defaulting of Departmental KPIs from a central KPIs library
  2. Data validation to ensure various columns and fields are consistently filled using pre-set data standards.
  3. Enforcement of various Performance Management standards e.g. Maximum number of KPIs, Min and Max weighting per KPI, Total Weighting Distribution not exceeding 100%,
  4. Consolidation Macro (By the HRBP) in order to analyze organization wide performance.
  5. Performance Distribution Analytics / Dashboard
  6. Performance Moderation validation against Top Down rating evaluation using a Normal Deviation Parameters to enforce alignment between Organizational Performance, Departmental Performance and Individual Performance.
  7. Talent profile summary (linked to your HRIS) and past employee experience timeline.

For the premium custom features, feel free to reach out to us via

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