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Change Management

Mastering Change Management to Enable Efficient Distribution of Resources in an Organization

What is Change Management? Change Management is the process of carefully organizing organizational change from start to finish, including planning, […]

Leadership roles

Exciting Your Strategy To Bring Momentum in Your Business

How does a leader create a Predictable and Sustainable Impact? A company needs to plan even for the small wins […]

New Manager Induction

Necessity of Inducting a New Manager or a Promoted Manager Into a Company

“I truly believe that onboarding is an art. Each new employee brings with them a potential to achieve and succeed. […]


How Kenyan Companies Have Positioned their Organizational Purpose in their Blueprint.

What is a Blueprint? According to the Oxford Dictionary, a Blueprint is a design/ plan or other technical drawing. Purpose […]

Data Science

Thriving in a Big Data World

According to Educational Technology Journal on Springer Open, “Over a third of participants (30 – 37%) perceived analytics regarding its […]

Leadership roles

Managers Vs. Leaders

Many of us may think these two terms are alike, but they are different. Here are just a few differences […]

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