Many of us may think these two terms are alike, but they are different. Here are just a few differences that you can self-reflect on;

• Managers are appointed in an organization based on specific skills and expertise, while leaders are there to inspire and influence. It is essential to have managers with great leadership skills for them to achieve their mission and vision and also align the team with the organization’s goals.

A company should leave room for creativity and imagination for them to flourish.

• Managers try to solve most problems quickly sometimes even before they get to know the problem’s implication though they seek stability and control. On the other hand, leaders are open to delaying closure to get a deeper understanding of the cause of the issue. They look for ways to improve the organization by coming up with new ideas and being open to mindset thinking.

• Managers get to fulfill their tasks ensuring that people in various functions operate productively and efficiently. They control employees by providing information, tools, and procedures that lead to success. They are the decision-makers. Leaders are more empathetic since they are concerned with ideas that play a vital deal in driving transformation in an organization. They allow employees to work toward a common objective through efficient communication.

• Managers have a culture of emphasizing rationality and control. According to Havard Business Review, “The Manager asks: What problems have to be solved and what are the best ways to achieve results so that people will continue to contribute to the organization?”

Leadership is basically managing work that other people get to do while leaving room for unceasing feedback and reflection. Employees will be able to work best and feel less under pressure when they can engage with leaders effectively.

It gets easier to dismiss that whole charade of training managers, but it is key to have managers who can be also leaders. They account for almost 60% of employee’s engagement in the workplace. They are held accountable for the success and productivity of their team members. The two are differentiated in terms of motivation, how they act, persistence, analytical ability, and perhaps tolerance.

• Managers recommend the culture in an organization while leaders shape the culture. A company should always be aligned with the ethics, beliefs, and performances that shape the operation and how work gets done. It will help in the achievement of business goals. A leader will define and shape the culture, and managers will illustrate how the employees will live up to that culture.

These are just some of the points that show the differences between a manager and a leader. Every organization should be challenged to recruit individuals who are all-rounded and execute leadership skills effectively.


Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. – Peter F. Drucker, author and educator

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