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Sales Leadership, Training & Coaching

Sales Leadership, Training, and Coaching offer substantial benefits to professionals, enhancing their capabilities and contributing to their career growth scope Areas of the Learning Program

1. Leadership Skills Development
– Effective Communication: Techniques for clear, persuasive, and empathetic communication.
– Decision Making: Strategies for making informed and timely decisions.
– Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and managing emotions to improve team dynamics and performance.

2. Sales Strategy and Planning
– Strategic Planning: Developing long-term sales strategies aligned with business goals.
– Sales Forecasting: Techniques for accurate sales forecasting and planning.
– Market Analysis: Understanding market trends, customer needs, and competitive landscape.

3. Team Management and Development
– Coaching and Mentoring: Methods for coaching team members to enhance their skills and performance.
– Talent Development: Identifying and nurturing high-potential employees.
– Performance Management: Setting performance metrics, conducting evaluations, and providing constructive feedback.

4. Sales Process Optimization
– Sales Methodologies: Implementing effective sales methodologies (e.g., SPIN Selling, Solution Selling).
– Pipeline Management: Best practices for managing and optimizing the sales pipeline.
– CRM Utilization: Effective use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

5. Customer Relationship Management
– Customer-Centric Selling: Techniques for building strong customer relationships and delivering value.
– Conflict Resolution: Handling customer complaints and conflicts effectively.
– Customer Retention: Strategies for maintaining and growing existing customer relationships.

6. Financial Acumen
– Budget Management: Managing sales budgets and financial resources.
– Sales Metrics and KPIs: Understanding key sales metrics and how to use them to drive performance.
– Revenue Growth Strategies: Identifying and implementing strategies for revenue growth.

7. Change Management
– Managing Change: Leading teams through change, including new processes, technologies, or organizational shifts.
– Agility and Adaptability: Encouraging a flexible and adaptable mindset within the team.

8. Ethical Sales Practices
– Ethics and Compliance: Understanding legal and ethical standards in sales.
– Integrity in Selling: Promoting honesty and integrity in all sales activities.


Sales Leadership Training
Gabriel Nyamu CTO | InQuest Research & Consulting

Learning Objectives

1. Enhance Leadership Capabilities
– Develop strong leadership skills to inspire and motivate sales teams.
– Improve decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

2. Align Sales Strategies with Business Goals
– Ensure sales strategies are aligned with overall business objectives.
– Enhance the ability to forecast sales accurately and plan effectively.

3. Boost Team Performance
– Implement effective coaching and mentoring practices to develop team members.
– Create a high-performance culture within the sales team.

4. Optimize Sales Processes
– Streamline sales processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
– Utilize CRM and other sales tools to enhance productivity and tracking.

5. Strengthen Customer Relationships
– Improve customer relationship management to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.
– Develop strategies for conflict resolution and customer retention.

6. Improve Financial Management
– Enhance understanding of sales-related financial metrics and budget management.
– Drive revenue growth through strategic planning and execution.

7. Manage Change Effectively
– Equip leaders with skills to manage and lead through change.
– Foster a culture of agility and adaptability within the sales team.

8. Promote Ethical Practices
– Ensure adherence to ethical standards and compliance in all sales activities.
– Build a reputation for integrity and trustworthiness in the sales organization.

Coaching helps sales professionals set realistic and challenging goals, providing the tools and motivation needed to achieve and exceed these targets.

Date: 7th – 8th October 2024

Time: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

Investment: Kes. 30,000 (USD 300) (Excl VAT)

Pre-register through: https://bit.ly/ExpressionSalesLead

For further inquiries reach us at +254 726 611805 or Email: info@inquestconsult.com

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