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Financial Modeling Masterclass.

Financial Modeling Masterclass.

Applied Financial Modelling with Advanced Ms.Excel & VBA


The financial Modeling course is designed for business and finance professionals who need to set out a business case, study past performance, predict future performance using discernible trends, valid assumptions, and management opinions.

In addition, the delegates will be trained on key advanced excel skills applicable in Financial Modelling and Data Manipulation.

The course will revisit business finance concepts before getting into the deep dive into Advanced Excel formulas, functions, and tools.

Course Objectives:

1. Gain mastery in various Financial Modeling approaches for building business cases and simulation-
based scenarios.

2. Master key Advanced Excel and VBA skills & techniques applied in building interactive and integrated
financial models
3. Gain mastery in predicting business performance and impact for decision making.

a. Harnessing your Financial Modelling Skills
b. Optimize time spent in Data Analysis & Reporting (Productivity)
c. Improving your day to day utilization of MS Excel (Efficiency)
d. Facilitating Informed Decision Making (Worth | Value)
e. Learn technical skills in developing Simple to Complex Excel-based financial
models (Capacity)
f. You could be the next “Sort For” Financial Model Guru (Consulting Resource)

g. Visualize your scenarios using interactive visual intelligence tools for non-
technical interpretations simplified for any stakeholder. (Lead influencer)


Finance Teams
Investment Analysis
Business Analysts
Business Development teams
Marketing Intelligence AnalystsResearch Team

Summarised Topical Outline

  • Introduction to Financial Modelling
  • Overview of Integrated Financial Models (two models; accounting, securities)
  • Financial Data Analysis Functions (NPV, IRR, PMT)
  • Using Advanced Excel formulas & functions
  • Accounting Model Construction
  • Valuation Models (Dividend Growth Models, Discounted Cash Flows, etc)
  • Securities Portfolio Optimization Model
  • Building economic scenarios and Case Simulations
  • Model debugging, testing, and smoothing

We wish you a transformational learning experience.

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