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Data Visualization & Interactive KPIs Dashboards using Ms. Power BI (Weekend Edition)

Professionals handling data can boost their company’s productivity and help organizations make better-informed decisions. Who wouldn’t want to have rich visualizations that help users understand concepts? Who wouldn’t yearn for the ability to see several metrics and customize the whole layout to specific needs? This can all be done using Ms. Power BI. It’s amazing! It improves the overall efficiency of business efficiency.

In a broader sense, Data Visualizations are better yet able to help companies understand better why AI models make specific predictions.  You can have good data, but it is of no value if the people getting to view it have no understanding of what it means.

This open class will introduce the key concepts in business intelligence (Bl), data analysis, and data visualization. You will learn how to create Power Bl Desktop queries and beautiful dashboards.

What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a reporting and data visualization platform businesses and most professionals use almost every day. Moreover, It is a collection of apps and software services that combine to turn your data into visually appealing and interactive insights. No matter your data source, Ms. Power BI can help you connect to all your data sources. Furthermore, you can share with everyone you intend to.

What do you get to learn?

  1. Gain practical skills in data transformation using MS. Power BI 
  2. Designing of interactive reports
  3. Designing and Publishing your own KPI Dashboards

Dates:(Weekend Edition): 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th July 2024

Do not miss out on this Weekend Edition open class set with quality standards and the best trainers in the field!


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