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Data & Analytics Using Advanced M.s Excel Powersuite. (Saturday Edition)

Data & Analytics Using Advanced M.s Excel Powersuite.

Turn your data into insights.

Why Study Functional Ms. Excel

Data has become the gold of the 21st century. Today, any professional individual or organization seeking to remain relevant must be data literate. Being data literate means that you are able to make evidence-based decisions that will propel you to stay not just competitive, but also fast-paced in today’s ultra-connected world.

M.s Excel is arguably the most widespread and most useful data analysis tool available to professionals today. Its mastery has long been known to accelerate and fast-track career growth for individuals. Today, most jobs require an understanding of data analysis and how to present that data in an attractive yet simplistic manner.

Without a doubt, anyone with basic computer training is able to put a list of values in an Excel spreadsheet and sum them up. However, very few are able to do advanced analysis, create interactive charts, intelligently summarize data using Excel tools and present a final output using an impressive dashboard.

This course is designed using simple, easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions. The goal is to walk you through functional Excel mastery in undertaking various data transformational tasks and creating business intelligence reports quickly and efficiently.

You will find our revised Advanced Ms. Excel training (2021 Version) very unique and easy to master by every professional since it focuses on the efficient application of Excel tools in real-life enterprises.

Learning Outcomes :

  1.  Improve daily productivity in data-related tasks by over 40%
  2.  Be a valuable talent by modeling data-driven innovation through data insights
  3. Build analytical, data communication, and presentation skills
  4. Enhanced career visibility and talent relevance in data-driven 21st-century disruptions

You can download a detailed Course brief via this link: Download a Detailed Course Brief

We wish you a transforming Learning Experience !!!! As you become a data-driven professional. !!!

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