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Big Data Analytics using Ms. Excel (Basic & Intermediate Level)

Unravel the potential of Big Data and Analytics using MS. Excel with this open class program. It is designed for professionals handling enterprise data. There are ways to leverage Excel and tools for more sophisticated data analytics.

Learn how to analyze and interpret large data sets using industry-standard tools and techniques to make informed and data-led decisions. It reduces your reporting time by 60% and your productivity! Here’s an overview of how you can use advanced MS Excel and Power Suite concepts for big data analytics:

Excel Beginners

  1. Introduction to Ms. Excel (2019/365)
    1. Excel Ribbon
    2. Customizing Your Excel – Excel Options
  • Handy Shortcuts
  1. Linking and referencing cells, sheets, and workbooks
  1. Basic Data Modelling in Excel
    1. Quick Data Entry Tricks and Tips – For data cleansing and transformation
    2. Defined Names
  • Basic Functions,
  1. Excel Tables
  2. Look Up Functions (VLOOKUP, Index, Match)
  3. Text Functions
  • Information Functions.
  • Date Functions

Excel Intermediate

    1. Formatting and Data validation
      1. Standard Formats and Custom Formats
      2. Conditional Formatting
    • Data Validations
    1. Basic Data Analytics Using Ms. Excel
      1. Conditional Aggregation functions
      2. Pivot Tables
    2. Data Visualization,
      1. Basic Charting
      2. Pivot Charts, Slicers, Timelines
    • Using Shapes
    1. Excel Camera
    1. Data protection
    2. Hyperlinking

    Individual Data Projects / Usecase Overview

Date: 8th – 9th April 2024

Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

Investment: Kes. 20,000 (Excl VAT) (USD 200)

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