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Big Data Analytics using Advanced MS. Excel & Powersuite ( Weekend Edition)

Unravel the potential of Big Data and analytics with MS. Excel and Powersuite with this open class program. It is designed for professionals handling enterprise data. There are ways to leverage Excel along with other tools in the Microsoft Power Suite for more sophisticated data analytics.

Learn how to analyze and interpret large data sets using industry-standard tools and techniques to make informed and data-led decisions. It reduces your reporting time by 60% and your productivity! Here’s an overview of how you can use advanced MS Excel and Power Suite concepts for big data analytics:

1. Power Query:


    • Use Power Query to connect, import, and transform data from various sources.
    • Cleanse and shape large datasets easily using the intuitive interface.

2. Power Pivot:

  • Excel:
    • Utilize Power Pivot for data modeling and creating relationships between tables.
    • Handle larger datasets efficiently within the Excel environment.

3. Power BI for Advanced Analytics:

  • Excel:
    • Export data from Excel to Power BI for more sophisticated visualization and analysis.
    • Use Excel data models with Power BI for enhanced analytics.

4. Power Automate:

  • Automate data workflows and processes using Power Automate (formerly known as Flow).
  • Set up automated tasks to refresh and update data in Excel and Power BI.

5. Power Map:

  • Excel:
    • Utilize 3D mapping capabilities with Power Map for visualizing geographic data

6. DAX (Data Analysis Expressions):

  • Excel:
    • Use DAX formulas for advanced calculations and aggregations within Excel.
    • Write DAX measures for complex calculations.

7. Machine Learning Integration:

  • Power BI:
    • Use Power BI’s integration with Azure Machine Learning to incorporate machine learning models into your analytics.

8. Advanced Charting and Visualization:

  • Excel and Power BI:
    • Create advanced charts and visualizations using the rich set of options available in both tools.
    • Utilize custom visuals and plugins for more specialized visualizations.


Date: 4th, 11th – 18th, 25th May 2024

Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

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