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Data Analytics using Advanced MS. Excel & Powersuite for HR Professionals

Why Study Ms. Excel

Data is the 21st-century gold that any professional seeking to remain relevant in this age must be data-driven and evidence-based.
Ms. Excel is one of the analytics tools easily accessible to almost any profession and its masterly have been considered one of the career growth accelerator catalysts.

HR Professionals handle various sets of data including Employee data, Performance data, Payroll, and Learning & Development among others. Over 70% of HR data manipulation and analytics are done using Excel. Many organizations recently are demanding competency in Business Intelligence & Data Visualization tools such as MS. Power BI for enterprise data –insights transformation. This calls for HR Professionals to upskill in MS. Excel and Power BI applications.

Could you be wondering why Excel is quite an important tool for HR Professionals? Here’s why. In general, everything that we work on or is improved needs to be measured. In addition to this, some aspects like commitment, effectiveness, or even productivity should be measured by HR Analytics. The beneficial aspect of this is that you can actually build a complete dashboard for HR Analytics through Excel. Interesting right? In other words, HR Professionals are struggling to implement data analytics in their organizations.

Target Audience:
 HR Business Partners
 Human Resource Consultants
 HR Managers
 Human Resource Consultants
 Any other HR Business Partners
Objectives of the course:
 Overview of the evolving & highly demanded data competency
 HR Data modeling techniques using Excel (Talent Life-cycle)
 Excel data transformation approaches.
 Applied Advanced Excel functions with HR Data.
 Advanced Excel tools (Pivot tables, What-If Analysis, Solver, etc)
 Data Analysis Pak for Statistical modeling with HR Data.
 Basic automation of HR Data tasks using Macros.
 Interactive HR KPI Dashboards
 Introduction to PowerBI

What are the learning outcomes?
 Save 40% of your daily work engagement.
 Transform your workplace through data-driven insights and decision-making.
 Build analytical skills and good data modeling, communication, and presentation
 Improve efficiency by learning shortcuts and time-saving features and tools applied in day-to-day office applications and processes.

We wish you a transforming Learning Experience !!!! As you become a data-driven professional!!!

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